Do you remember Sega?

Remember Sega! The company which once went head to head with Nintendo back in the late 1980’s/early 1990’s and almost won! 

What are they up to today? A small piece of information has been released stating that the revival of certain IP’s (Intellectual Properties) owned by Sega is possible. Which revivals? When? Where!?! So many questions, no answers and only speculation!! See what you can make of this information! Follow the link to solve this enigma! 

There is even a mention indicating a desire to redevelop a Sega Console! This sounds amazing and yet perhaps a little to good to be true, but one can always fantasise.

The Dreamcast (in its day) was ahead of its time when it was released. Is it possible for them to bring to the forefront a console which can compete with the likes of the Nintendo Switch, rumoured Playstation 5 or X-box’s’ Scorpio? Anything is possible? RIGHT?!

Do you remember how good Crazy Taxi on the Dreamcast was? That was a game worth playing on the Dreamcast. And it never quite played right on any other console except the Dreamcast! 

Exciting times are ahead for those who remember the golden age of video entertainment systems! 

Tecomogamic – 


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