Blade Runner 2049 Official Trailer.

The official trailer for Blade Runner 2049 has emerged online overnight setting the web alight with the usual speculation that surrounds the rebooting of a cult classic franchise. As the trailer opens the neo noir atmosphere from the original Blade Runner is immediately present. A familiar synthesised score looms in the back ground as the gigantic pyramid like structure of the Tyrell corporation compound appears. This instantly ignites feelings of nostalgia for the original 1982 film and as the first words are spoken, we realise we are back.

“Every civilisation was built off the back of a disposable work force. But I can only make so many”. The opening quote (presented by Jared Leto) immediately sets the plot snare. And we as the viewers are left with a new set of questions that will be answered when the film arrives in October 2017.

Blade Runner 2049 will reprise Harrison Ford as Rick Deckard, the original Blade Runner himself. Whether he will actually participate in a replicant hunt himself is yet to be seen but what a world we live in! We should feel so privileged that Ford has decided to revisit the character he played 34 years ago. This alone is reason enough for me to see the film. 

Ryan Gosling will be the new lead role, playing ‘Officer K’, a new Blade Runner once again on the synthetic trail of out of control replicants. 

The first film was Neo Noir and this trailer gives us a great insight into the world created by Ridely Scott all those years ago and reaffirms the fact that in October of 2017 we will be returning to a world that inspired generations of film makers.

The film will be directed by Denis Villeneuve who was responsible for helming last years sensational Arrival and before that the crime syndicate gem that was Sicario. If prior films can be used as a gauge in regards to Blade Runner 2049’s expected level of quality we should all rest assured. It looks as though Villeneuve has this covered!

Check out the trailer here.


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