Fargo – Year 3. 

Confirmed. Fargo Year 3 is coming to Australia! Release information for this production has been extremely hard to find! The hype behind its release not so much. I listen to a lot of podcasts. And for the past two weeks I have heard people talking about Fargo Year 3 and how spectacular it has been! Naturally, being a fan of the first two seasons of Fargo I was straight on the band wagon and wanted to join in on the conversation. However. Fargo Year 3 has been close to impossible to find legally. Now, of course I could cheat the system and watch it through a torrent service but I am one of those people who actually prefers to pay for something I know I am going to enjoy for the next ten weeks. So, being a loyal fan of the show I began searching for a streaming service to watch the show legally and it was not easy to track down! 
Traditionally, Fargo Years 1 and 2 were aired on Stan (Australia’s answer to Netflix) but upon looking I found that there was no mention of Year 3 ever planning to stream on the service. Disheartened, but not giving up, I decided to search iTunes thinking I could perhaps find the newest episodes after they had aired in the U.S. Once again, I was let down. Itunes, a reliable source for video content, had no advertsing for the show, almost as if the season didn’t even exist. So, I started to wonder, perhaps we weren’t going to receive Fargo Year 3 until it had completely finished airing in the U.S. and with this conclusion I almost quit looking for it. Then, a couple of days after my initial hunt another search of google revealed a small snippet of information. SBS Australia was advertsing that it was airing Fargo Year 3! Happy freaking days! I could view SBS programs through the app that they have available for my iPhone. So, excited and sort of not really believing the claims SBS was making I downloaded the app and began my search for the program using their in app search engine. I quickly uncovered a series of clips and a trailer for the third season but no Fargo Year 3 itself! I was let down once again and was somewhat contented to leave it at that. Then, this morning, I decided to do one last search and came back with an article written by SBS stating that they were indeed planning on screening season 3 of Fargo and that the first episode would be available to watch on the 10th of May this very year! Finally! A freaking answer! What is with all the secrecy! Just tell us where we can find the content we are looking for! Argh!!! Anyway, as I have just said. The first episode will be available to screen on the 10th of May through the SBS website and app. The series will then officially kick off on the 17th of May with two episodes screening back to back for the first 2 weeks. After this the 5th episode will screen a day after it streams in the U.S. Thanks for letting us hang MGM and SBS! Perhaps a little more publicity is needed from all concerned in regards to this release. This is after all one of the better TV series to have aired in the last 5 years, easily ranking up there with the likes of Game of Thrones and True Detective and deserves decent publicity.
For those not familiar with Fargo, the first two seasons from MGM productions are the pinnacle of viewing experiences. Each of the individual seasons shares a different tale based on true life events. The stories being told are always authentic and intriguing and are often eye opening experiences. The characters are always tediously well developed. The complications of small town existence plays heavily on the plot points throughout the first two seasons. The dangers and unflinching influence of the outside world on these smaller communities plays a significant part in the telling of these stories. Each character has their own real life problems which only further complicates the ultimate plot structure unfolding before your eyes. 

Fargo has an almost magical ability to generate its own atmosphere. The honesty of small town folk is reassuring and comforting. It is truely heart warming to see that there are still good people out there in the world and Fargo centres around this fact like a person would cozy around a fireplace in Sioux Falls. 

The Cohens (producers of the show and original movie) have evidently used all their years of experience and honed it in to perfection with the casting choices for its Fargo TV series. The actual physical environment of Fargo plays a large role in the shows natural mysticism. The humanity of its characters helps to explain why good people make shit decisions in boiler room situations. The analogy of pulling a thread on a rug and watching it unravel before you is an apt description of Fargo. Real life chaos is clearly an inspiration for this shows writers.

When it is finally airing (10th of May) you will be able to find the advanced episode here.

You can view the trailer for Fargo Year 3 here.


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