The Dark Tower movie Trailer

The trailer to the upcoming Stephen King Novel adaptation The Dark Tower has been unleashed! 

This particular trailer was, up until last night, one of the most anticipated releases of the year. The energy surrounding it’s undated release has been frenetic. 

Fans of the novel have been consistently demanding in regard to the trailers late release date. As month after month passed all seemed to be lost. Fans began to wonder what of earth was going on at Sony studios? This in return put enormous amounts of pressure on Sony to deliver the goods. Now Gunnslingers can rest at ease. It has arrived!

The reactions online have been mixed. People who have not read the novel (like myself) see the trailer as a fine example of a post apocalyptic future with a slight Jedi vibe to it and those who have read the novel are tearing this piece of advertisement frame from frame. It was never going to be easy for Sony to live up to fans expectations. 

So, all aboard the hype train! The Dark Tower is departing the cult status and is about to arrive at popular culture and some people are not going to be too happy about it. This book after all is considered by some to be an almost sacred text.

Overall, the year has been a massive one for King fans. With the release of the record breaking IT trailer earlier, as well as two TV series announcements (Castle Rock and The Mist) Stephen King fans will certainly have a lot to consume over the next few years. 


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