It’s me! again… It’s Mario! again…

What is going on in the gaming industry? 
Nintendo rereleases Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for the Switch Console and the crowd goes wild? Why?! Wasn’t this the same game that was released on the Wii-U in May 2014? When originally launched, Wii-U owners, like myself, did speak up and declare that the game was a gem yet nobody listened. Now with the release of the new Nintendo Switch console critics are going wild over the game. What! Suddenly its cool to play nintendo games again? As if it wasn’t cool when it was first released! Mamma Mia! I guess this does say something about the industry itself. Sometimes a game launches and is ignored because the majority of the target audiences attention is drawn else where, after all the Playstation 4 was in full swing around the original release date of May 2014. As was Dark Souls 2, Child of Light and Titanfall was on its way to “dropping” Maybe there was too much gaming congestion at the time of Mario Kart 8’s original release. Perhaps a successful game launch is largely about timing? I know one thing for certain, Nintendo will be scrutinising this interesting time in gaming history for everything it can learn.

Cheers! 🙂


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